10 minutes to 6.00 pm.

I am back at the office after 5 days of quarantining myself with baby. Thankfully my office mate helped me a bit with my job so I only have about 80 percent of the job to finish. A little kindness goes a long way you see, so help your officemate/friends out once a while. Don't just do things because they could do something for you.

By the way Mikael got Chicken Pox, and most probably from the siblings who were also cared for by his nanny. The chicken pox blisters appeared on Saturday so I thought I would need to take leave until Wednesday at least. I didn't want to take so many leave from work since I'll have to take some more for raya too. And with his former nanny unresponsible leaves  I am left with some cuti rehat only.

He had fever on Saturday and Monday but was ok Monday. I only applied Calamine lotion and some corn based powder on them. Since Mikael donno how to scratch so it was easier for me to take care of him. If he was older he'd be scratching them until they bleed I guess. My poor baby, but I'd rather he got the pox now rather than later

The blisters on his back 2 days ago.

We spent 3 days at Mikael's nenek's house and then returned to Sunway on Monday. But we went out to eat on Tuesday since it's HubbyDaddy's birthday on the 24th. For the other 2.5 days, I cooked and lepaked around the house with Mikael for 3 days and 3 nights. I surfed the Internet on my Iphone while Mikael slept, cooked while he cried because I was far from him or slept from mere nothingness.

Skills needed are stir frying and boiling.
Clockwise from right, a bottle of kicap manis soya, sambal anchovies, fried beef with kacang boncis, fried kangkung and baby corns, boiled kerangs.
Last night's dinner.

I didn't do any crafts or anything fancy. Just pure me and Mikael time. Then Mikael played with my buttons when I decided to instagram the leaves I made earlier this month.

My leaves.
Not the cuti rehat, my green green leaves.
I cut them randomly using polkadot cotton cloth and felt. Then I glue gunned them together.

Tomorrow I am staying put to finish my photobook. I am up to page 7 from 40. And I have another 40 pages to fill. Wish me luck :D


Au and Target said...

Poor little thing! But at least he's had it now so that's that over with. And poor you too!