Adoilaaaa my handphone is gone

The dreaded day has come for me yesterday, the day when I finally left my handphone in the taxi. Hear this


The situation was like this; I was calling my husband telling him that I am on my way to the nearby shopping complex. As the taxi neared the distance I put aside to button up after he finished feeding.  Mikael took my handbag and stood up. When the taxi hit the brake, inertia pulled Mikael down along with the content of the handbag which were all strewn out. In my panic, I took him up and plopped him back on the seat, he wasn't crying but looked ok. In my haste to put everything back in the bag, I totally forgot about the handphone which I put for a moment on the car's door. Totally forgot!!

I had a quick look at the taxi's inside after I stepped out, but the handphone being black never caught my eyes. I am crying inside for the not so cheap handphone. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Ok so this morning I got a replacement sim card and now using my old mobile phone. I am not buying any smart phones (after 2012 maybe). I prefer to go and have a holiday than spending my hard earned bonus.

About the phone, I was using an Iphone 4 and luckily I just backed all the pictures inside on my laptop. My laptop could magically read all the pictures in my phone and I promptly copied the whole folder.

I called about ten times last night using my husband's phone but no one answered. The phone still has about 70% battery in it so it should last at least until the next morning. But this morning when I called my number, the call went straight to voice mail. Goodbye phone.

Who would want to return a smart phone right? Even if it is a smart phone which has gone a bit mad after being repeatedly thrown here and there by a growing baby. I pasrah ajela, just think of it as a not my rezeki. After 15 months with it I have to let it go.

Furthermore I needed my number asap because all my working errands use this number. So after thinking like long and thorough, I called upon my best friend and asked her to accompany me to the Celcom center.

Good bye my Iphone, may the life of your next user be wrecked up by you. Don't be functional, be broke.
We will miss u.

Rara Girl

Ok back to my baby. Poor baby looked ok after he fell down. He wasn't puking or anything up until today. I am watching him round the clock, keeping tabs with his nanny. Handphone I can replace but my little baby is non replaceable.... Bad mommy not holding on to him :(


Ez Vina said...

aiyo..sedih nyer..