My boy

Last week I celebrated my 31st birthday and the next day my boy reached the age of 18 month where he will be vaccinated. But I haven't made an appointment yet. Maybe later in the month but not later than January 2013.

My boy through the months.

By the way, I have been having moments where I imagine Mikael older, like when he is 3 years and older. When he starts talking to me in a simple conversation. I don't know what spurred these thoughts in the first place. Maybe, it's because I have just realized that my baby is no longer just a baby, he is an individual now and he understands what I say. For instance when I say "Jom" and all dressed up, he will run to the shoe rack and take his shoes to me. The other day he took his shoes and I told him "you are not wearing shoes today, put this back and take your sandals ok". Surprisingly he took his shoes and placed them back on the rack and took his sandals. I also send him off to fetch his diapers when it's changing time.

As it is clear that he understands me, I must be careful of what he sponges of from me. Haha, I read just now that a child does not remember what we want him to learn - but he will remember us being us.

He also pulls mine and his father's hand whenever he wants us to go someplace. After a few steps, he will hug our legs and say something in his baby language, it actually means that he wants us to pick him up so he could see from the balcony. We live in an apartment and he likes to see things from up here.

BTW, getting him to take a bath is an adventure now. He will cry when I start telling him to take a bath and undressing him. He is also very afraid of the shower handle. But when I bring him to a public place, he will walk anywhere and surely I will have to run after him. My baby, I can't imagine life without him now that I have become his mother. My perception before I actually had a son was, I'll have to enjoy my life before my child comes and occupies my time. But turned out that he came just at the perfect moment in my life - not too late nor too early. He surely occupies my time but I still do create time to do what I want because being a mother and being me is equally important.


AkaZukii ChaCha said...

happy belated bday nad dan baby juga.

kau terimagine anak da besar, aku asik teringat masa anak aku masih kecik dan gugu gaga lagi. so kiut. kids grow super fast dont they.

tgk gmbar2 bb buat rasa nak kasik anak aku adik je lagi hehehe tapi pengalaman postpartum ke yang amat menakutkan, buat aku macam ....takut.