Dear MH370

Dear MH370.

You cease to exist in an air of mystery. After 17 days, we finally heard a concrete news about your fate. But that news also awaits further development.

On Monday night as me and the family were dining at a mamak restaurant, some friends on whatsapp said that there will be a press conference (pc) at 10 pm on TV1. We were just about to get up when I caught the pc on RTM Mobile. After sending my Bro In Law home, I asked hubs to race to the office to upload the pc on Facebook so the public can watch it.

The mamak restaurant was showing soccer highlights when the pc aired, so I was sure not many people were aware of it. At 10 pm, with adrenaline pumping I rushed to the office while my husband and son waited in the car.

My heart was beating hard, I felt sad but not as sad as the families and friends of the passengers and crews of MH370. I could only imagine what they felt when they first receive this news. I could only emphatize with them.

I was almost running to my office. The security officer in charge looked at me like i was barging on them like a bull.

As the press conference was short, like less than 4 minutes I was done in 15 minutes. I shared the link on Facebook and with my media social counterparts. After all was settled I went home.

The press conference.

The press conference was short. Maybe the Prime Minister does not want to add more hurt to the families for the moment.

They said they will explain in the next press conference.

Husband drove us home with son watching Ultraman on Youtube. A baby who is oblivious to major national news. This event will be like a fragment of history in his just starting life.

I was thankful to husband for sending me to the office after a long day at work. I told him, I was very thankful that he understands my work and need to things like that.

When we got home, the press conference was blasted on all television channels. So we listened on to the reporter's elaboration this time. Some replayed the pc with Malay language translation as it was read by the Prime Minister in English.

Dear MH370

This morning all the radio stations carried on with the sombre air. My husband said, his friend commented that one radio station seem to air sad songs all morning.

In my heart, I felt a mix of emotions. I feel ok that I can go to work today and get to share news or contents about you that was aired, with people in the social media realm. Some people are more in tune with media social rather than mainstream media.

But..... I also feel sad that your fate is yet to be determined. Your loved ones are in a mix of emotions I guess.

As humans we will never knew when or where we will die. But to disappear into nothingness is a fear which I can never imagine.

Your families need to know where you all are, hope Allah will reveal your location as soon as possible.

My friends have been discussing this event since day one. One being a pilot even shared some knowledge he had about planes and such. Others are speculating based on evidence they think are credible. But in the end I only listen to the authentic media.

Dear MH370

Your mystery has given us humans all kinds of feelings. Most particularly how people act during a world event like this. i hope you will return to us soon. We miss you.


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