Art on Shoes

I am doing some digging for my present craze : Art On Shoe. Here I are some interesting links for you to discover and me to visit later for inspiration.

Boonga Shoes. It has been around since 2008 according to its blog and has been featured in Kosmo.

A blog post
Link :

Other random sites with pictures of shoes on it:
Link :
The site's gallery of shoes!album-0

Shoes with colourful doodles on it
Link :

Tips on using marker to draw. The writer said he used several pairs on a project alone.

Redoing your wedding shoes into something funkier than the traditional white

Instructions on drawing
Link :

What media to use.
Source : 

Here is my learning pair. I had no particular planning on what to draw so I went with the flow.
One half done in a week.

Then I went on with my daily things for three weeks going to work and being a mom. After 3 weeks of lugging the plain shoe around I went down and start drawing. 

The second pair I tried to at least prepare it looking almost complete within a day because I couldn't take anymore of not finishing it.

I started sketching after breakfast while waiting for my MIL to return from a kenduri. Then left it to dry. We went out had lunch and came back at 4 pm, then I continued for a bit until about 6 pm. Here is the results. Tadaa.

A close up od "Maleficient'. I started the skin colour with orang and the layered it with pink, white and let it dry. Then I layered again with pink and white. The end result looked good. I dried it in a dark room so it won't fade while drying.

The sides.

Two or three more sessions of touch ups and let it dry overnight and then spray it with clear spray. Some websites suggested Fabric spray which makes designs stay or stay waterproof, when I get my next pay check I'll go check it out. I already have a can of clear spray so I'll use that first.