Breaking Out Of A Rut

I think in whatever work that we do if the work comes into some kind of a routine we will at one time feel like we are stuck in a rut. My work starts to feel like that too. I will give birth in a month's time and I will be in a new life not so far away but knowing that I will probably be doing the same kind of work right after maternity leave - kinds of dampers my spirit. 

Well, it may be just me while my co workers all feels the same but like Allah has said. Only you can change your fortune, so I shall seek ways to change my present situation. At least how I feel about work.

I just came across this link titled 4 Ways To Break Out of a Creative Photography Rut by Mike Newton.

He offers 4 tips to get out of a photography rut. Okay so this is getting out of a photography rut, but it could also be applied to life in general.

1. Get out of your comfort zone – physically
2. Learn something totally new and uncomfortable
3. Try a new style of shooting
4. Start an ongoing project

Let me elaborate on each of his tips and how I shall apply it to my life.

1. Get out of your comfort zone – physically
This sounds easy but actually harder to do. One extreme take on this is to transfer to a totally new office in a different department. My qualm is that since I am going to have a newborn and it's hard to find proper childcare for a very young baby, I should postpone a transfer to any office which requires me to work on shifts - at least until my son is a year old. Since I also plan to breasfeed my second son, I think I should stay in this office. 

So physically means maybe I should start redecorating my work station to something which represents a new workplace. I actually have a tonne of things to get rid of but I am really attached to these material items. I should start throwing away some things today.  

Getting out of my comfort zone could also mean that I should expand my work onto other area. I realize I can speak English quite good should I practice more so maybe I can find some voice over jobs at my office's TV or Radio Networks and go for auditions for MC gigs. I am a bit shy about going to auditions but before this rut starts rotting me I better start getting out of my comfort zones.

2. Learn something totally new and uncomfortable
I want to learn how to build a website. Since I am probably going to be in the new media industry I better start learning more things associated to it. This knowledge is no just for work but also crucial to other parts of life. 

Yesterday I borrowed an office mate's HTML text book. She is a pharmacy graduate but ended up a programmer in my office. So I should derive a lot of inspiration from her. She did study HTML in university so she has prior experience in it but I have also dabbled in HTML before even if it's only minor editing in my blog. 

3. Try a new style of shooting - try a new style of ___________
In my line of work there are 10,000 approach to doing the same thing. But since I had to do most things myself so I am beginning to feel a bit resentful and this negative feeling eats me away. I am thinking whether I should ask my boss to relegate these tasks officially even though the ones who should be doing it are plainly ignoring it... or just quietly go into my maternity leave.

4. Start an ongoing project
I should start a research on this. No idea so far. I will post on this later.

"Getting in a rut happens to us all at one point or another. What ways have you guys found to kickstart your creativity? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below."Mike Newton

I have a Canon 1000D with a broken 18-55 lens and a Canon 60D with a 18-200 lens which keeps giving me the error signal when put together. In December 2013 I got preggers and morning sickness came with it, and adding to that mix a digital camera Casio TR150  - all these factors left me out of any SLR actions. I think I only took my Canon 60D along with a 50mm lens for a rendezvous 2 months ago. I realize that I might have less time to go on a photoraphy rendezvous once baby came so I might go have a photo session with my firstborn that day rather than later.

Since then I have been taking pics on my Casio and also using VSCO cam uploaded on my handphone. A different kind of method used then but still photography.

Anyway I was supposed to go to a 3 day photography and photo / video editing course in Penang this Thursday, but since I have an appointment with the doctor on that date I think I should decline. My husband is against me going and since it's 4 hours from KL and involves a lot of things like having to lug a laptop and a luggage bag and me being at 35 ++ weeks, I really have to decline that offer.

Ok bye.