Purse : No Pattern

I finally settled my last installment on my sewing machine. The preloved machine costs me RM400 and it took me 3 payments to make it mine. RM400 isn't a large sum but I wasn't really going to use it promptly so I controlled my 'ngidam' and use my money on something else before finally settling the last payment last week.

So I have a sewing machine which doesn't scare me to bits as it wasn't too fast nor was it hard to use. It was easy peasy to learn especially a machine newbie like me. I had a little help from my mother in law and also the manual book, glad I didn't bought the new sewing machine which costs RM500, three months ago . Although I don't know much about sewing machine but I knew that the one my mum bought for RM1000 back in 1998 or 1996 lasts almost 2 decades. It's zig zag function is broken but still usable. But since I want a functional machine, I decided to buy myself instead of taking  my mom's.

So while waiting for my everyone to get ready to go out last Sunday, I whipped out my sewing machine and started experimenting. This was the result. I took the pattern from Pinterest but did it according to my ability. It is full of a newbie's marks but I am happy with it. Although next time i think I'll have to buy a more quality zip. This one feels lame and I think if the user is a ganas one, it would ruin quickly as purses are used heavily each day.

The front side.

 The back side.