It's not a thankless job as people seem to think. You don't need people's thanks to be a mother, you don't have to feel bad in having never received any appreciation from being a mother. Caring about what other people think about your mothering skill is a total bullshit because people will complain, and people will comment and offer their endless opinions. It is up to ourselves to feel fulfilled within our own terms. The children will grow up and get out of the house, we will grow mature and one day, die alone in our own graves. So the best thing to be as a mother is to be thankful on a daily basis, thank ourselves instead of waiting for your husband, sons, daughters, or some other people thanks. Don't dwell about our past mothering mistakes and just think of a better way to mother the kids that moment. Whether a working, full time, part time, stay at home or whatever you call your mother-type-self, just enjoy the daily bits and let go of whatever that people say to you. Agree to disagree they said. So I guess, when they said your son is 'shocked' because of some mystery being, just let them be with their opinion, even when the child is just recovering from measles and obviously isn't himself yet. Would you be laughing and chatting away a day after having fever and rashes all over your body?