i got a muse in Sonic OPM

So last month I watched One Punch Man and suddenly a muse.
Ok, he's actually a guy but his aesthetics are that of a woman.

The doe eyes, the purple tattoos, the purple scarf.

See that cute smile of a villain. He called it his worst habit. 

The artist drew his ass like that of a girl's, like a gymnasts.
He might well be a gymnast with all the ninja acrobats he does.
Some tumblr called his body's sexy parts as 'hoe asthetics.'

See the curves, anyone can be confused thinking that, that is a woman. 
What slim hips you have Speed o sound Sonic.

Unfortunately, Sonic man buns was cut off by Genos at the end of the battle.

My rendition of Sonic. I am thinking of my own stroke for all my fanarts.
I don't want them to look 99 percent original, fugly while looking mine.

Bye, gonna go watch some more Sonic.