I am on tumblr and devianart. Man, I have so many media social but so far I managed to update all with at least a pic of my sketches once a week. Saying that, I am still taking this blogging thing slow too. Blogging is like a part time job, you need to sit down properly and write things at least 200 words in a few hours, thus to write longer is not a thing I can do now. The most I can manage is half an hour of sifting through pics, cropping and upgrading the quality and then construct some paragraphs. But since I have like 2718 readers each month, even if they land here by some random key word, I am going to continue writing.

Ok here are some sketches from this week and last week. My sketches they are prettier now and a lot consistent.

Update for my Gerimis fanfic, Naruko Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha.
I spent 15 minutes getting the girl's face younger, erggghh. i guess teen girls should be drawn
with less voluptous lips.

This is Naruko Uzumaki, a genderbend of Naruto. Why this one look teen, unlike the above?

A fanart of my pal, Elle Az.

It took me three tries to get Fem!Genos's face like that. Oh and I have joined the blue pencil league. I noticed that they use blue pencil, apart from wanting to feel an increase in my skills, blue sketches are also easier to erase. Black pencils are too much to erase, of course if you use 2B pencils. If you use 2H then it's lighter but it has no umpphhh in the feels. I spent two years during my school year sketching with a 2H pencil and then lining with a 2B pencil for my Technical Drawing subject.

Left to right, I genderbend them - Speed O Sound Sonic, Saitama and Genos.

Full version. I googled female assasin, female bodybuilder and also
One Punch Man official art for references. 

Some random sketch.

Some random sketch 2. 

I am such an addict now that I'd rather spend RM10 buying a sketch book and pencil to pass the time, rather than a magazine. Still, I think I need to buy magazine later because googling for references just adds up my internet bill. Ok, bye.