Animation : New Animation 'Nanbaka the numbers'

Inktober 11/31, #Nanbaka character #Jyugo. I have only watched two episodes of Nanbaka and I found the anime engaging. The protagonist are four breakaway prisoners named Jyugo, Uno, Niko, Rock and the prison officer who monitors these delinquents, Hajime Sugoroku. The cutest character which tugged at my attention was of course Jyugo. I couldn’t tell from first glance that he was 16 and that’s a minor agen character. 

I became intrigued to watch Nanbaka when a post labelled Jyugo and Hajime as SaiSonic ran through my Tumblr feed. Yeah Hajime looked like Saitama with a scar. The prison officer is a man of professional qualities and have made it his job to watch over the mischievous quartet. Go watch them yourself since it’s only two episodes so far.

Some of the main characters for #NanbakaTheNumbers

Hajime Sugoroku




 Jyugo or Prisoner no 15


He's 16 and it's quite awkward to fawn over a 16 year old

He's a guy but designed feminine, or what they call these days - agender

From the webcomic

My #INKtober entry

My #INKtober entry