Assholes in the city, but all the heartache soothed by angels in disguise.

Everyone has an asshole, it's a natural thing. If you don't have the doctors can make for you. I'm sorry if this offended you, but I am tired of assholes. I might be an asshole sometimes, this isn't referring to the channel of stench and ewww, this refers to acting selfish and without consideration when it comes to others.

I was an asshole since I only posted a free knitting package of yarns yesterday though the receiver had banked in the postage money right after National Day. Oh man. I need to upah someone next time. I was being an asshole when I failed to pay some people a few hundred ringgits debt. Damn, but I blame it on shortage of fund and the person whom I owe money still owe me a few hundred ringgits for a job. Maybe I should pay little by little then. The reason that I am telling you all of this is because I am in awe when people start being assholey to you. Don't you reflect on yourself and be patient for a minute.

Sometimes waiting for slow and slothlike people are boring. The thing is when things like this occur, the selfish part of my mind always groaned and say things in my mind like 'Why is this thing happening to me?' Anyway I met a few assholey people when we went out for a spin yesterday.

The first asshole was someone who wanted us to move lanes, turned out he only wanted to fill his car at the less than 20 metres away Petrol Station. He honked us a few times and my driver always taking the slow way only turned lanes within a few seconds. The asshole sped forward until he was in line with us and gave us a glare. It was like "WTF were you honking so rudely, the station is like metres away only.

Then later we went to eat and when we were exiting I held the door for a couple, maybe they were around thirty year old but without any child in tow. The man looking every inch a laidback city guy with coloured hair said thank you to me. A simple thank you can work wonders. I wasn't expecting it at first just didn't want the door to swing back on anyone's face. And I get a thank you for that. He made me feel warm inside.

The problem with such a jaded modern city person like me who had been stepped on too many times, the statement 'faith in humanity restored' rings through my mind. I am like the cliche stressed over little things mother of two kids, lol. I worry about too many things at once. It doesn't help when you are cooped up in a house and don't meet new people often and then thrust media social which is often more about theories, opinions and cooked up scare tactics rather than actual humanity. You must shake your booty to experience the reality of the world.

The conclusion to my rant is that whenever an asshole tries to trip you, remember that there will always be another who will be good to you. And just because you have been cheated on, treated unfairly or feel like the world is on to you, don't let it drag you down. The world is only doom and gloom if you let it be.

Now I wonder if I say the things above to those people who are being repressed and being victimized, would they believe me and trust me that the world is not just evil and gloom.

That make me think about another opportunity to rant.