Naruto Shippuden 479

The end of more than a decade chase. Finality of frenemies.
The beginning of a new cooperation between

the future Seventh Hokage or Nanadaime Hokage

and his future
Shadow Hokage
Wielder of Rinnegan and the last Uchiha (before his daughter was born)

or as the fandom know as SasuNaru. Lol.

Rumours said despite the epic battle the studio which produces the animation will animate the light novels and some pre Boruto comics titled - the Naruto Gaiden, Sasuke Shinden, Shikamaru Hiden, Sakura Shinden and etc2. It explains how Naruto met Hinata prior to Naruto The Last. 

I bought some old copies of Naruto comics the other day. Lol. I feel so childish and giddy all at the same time :D for owning a piece of a long running anime/manga.