Freaking Friday vs Fresh Friday

My Friday starts with bangun lambat sbab I couldn't hear the alarm.
I think it lulls me to sleep deeper.
Despite that I went to work on time courtesy of kaki jalan.
This was great especially after my boss memoed the whole office about our Time In.
She noted "Although you are non-regular staff, please adhere to the working time of either 0730 to 1630,or 0800 to 1700, or 0830 to 1730."
Our usual theme was 9 hours in the job and we're out.

Meanwhile colleagues kept assuming I will transfer back to my old office as I kept showing up there (it's because of the Maxis Broadband la babe).
And a few days ago the new boss in my former office asked me whether i'd want to be back there.
I said "NO" because it feels traumatic.
It feels second hand to be back where I was, a place where I don't officially belong... Haaaaa, enough of my cecehs.

Since I am transferred away therefore I should instead be transferred somewhere else in the same location, to gain other experiences I say.

Presently, my job is mundane and time consuming but it's my life for now. My mantra should be back to basics I think that is to work because of God, therefore I shouldn't spare a second more and better get back to my relaxing work. After all Friday is the Penghulu Day for all days, so start afresh. miu miu