Movies Galore!

I watched Wall-E on Saturday night and Susuk on Sunday evening.

Let me start with Wall-E.
1. There's a cute short story shown before the movie.
2. Wall-E reminded me of No.5 the robot from Short Circuit.
>It's reviewed here at

3. Eee-VAA! Utter cutenesss.
I don't want to reveal more about it, watch it yourself. Now go book the tickets online.

It's susuk time.
1. The movie is one heap of a jigsaw puzzle. It's been almost 48 hours since I watched it and I am still trying to rearrange the story inside my head. I am googling for reviews to clear me mind.
2. Someone wrote in his review that the Dukun Dewangga played by Adlin was like Batman as he appeared out of nowhere to save the damsels in distress. We were wondering how he got around and one scene answered our query. The one where he exited the house at Soraya's village, pure CGI.
3. The killing scene uses a lot of chickens. And there wasn't even a coop of chicken to explain their origins. How did the killer transport the chicken from his/her secret quarters to the killing scenes? Are the chickens real or holographs?