Let Me In : My Review

This movie is mighty slow. In fact I am watching the Swedish version now on youtube. Here's the First part for your easy viewing. However each scene is meaningful and watchable, except maybe a snooze fest for tired people. Lesson learnt was never watch a movie after 9pm on a weekday or I'll be watching a movie 'alone' again. Watch them during the day on weekends :D

I am a sucker for weak strange protagonist in a film. I love watching how these weak characters react with the situations around them and most suffer at the end. So when I came across Let Me In on the Internet I fell head over heels. So I waited for it to be released in Malaysia but never saw any promotions or reviews. I always browse the movie review sections for updates on new film releases but there weren't any. Is it because the movie is rated 18SG thus it is not being marketed silently? BTW I only knew it was in Malaysia when I was lining up at the wayang and so promptly bought tickets. It was released on 11th Nov 2010.

Let Me In revolves around Owen, a 12 year old boy who lived alone with his unhappy mother in a winter cold neighbourhood. His mother is divorcing his father and he is constantly bullied by his bigger class mates. Being miserable and having no friends he spent his nights lepaking at the apartment yard and imagines getting back at his bullies with a pocket knife. At home he spies on his neighbours with his telescope and one day saw a new neighbour moving in, a father and a shoeless child. Shoeless in the cold?

So one day Owen meets the shoeless child who said matter of factly "We can't be friend". But since misery loves company the two soon bonds over their misery when the girl saw Owen sitting alone in the apartment yard with a wound on his face. He told her it was caused by bullies at school and she told him to hit back hard. So one day he hits back hard. But this in a way sealed his relationship with Abby. Hehe, teruja? Oh yeah. you have to watch it to know what happened in the end.

Abby was reluctant to befriend Owen because she said she was not a girl when Owen wants to go steady with her. I assumed she said that because she wasn't a normal girl but a vampire. But hey no, Abby was indeed not a girl as the novel revealed. However they developed a close relationship as it was evident that Abby and Owen are comfortable to be with each other.

The movie focuses more on Abby and Owen's developing relationship rather than her 'vampireness' or her eating frenzy. Owen likes Abby maybe because she appears to be approachable and thus interesting to get up close and personal with.

The movie has some violent scenes involving Abby and her victims and her supposed 'father' and his victims. There are parts which uses CGI when Abby attacks her much bigger male victims. She looked like a speedy golum attacking her victims for blood.

According to wikipedia, this film is an adaptation of novel Let The Right One In (review) by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Then in 2004 in Sweden someone initiated that the novel be made into a movie, so Tomas Alfredson came in and directed it. John Ajvide Lindqvis insisted on writing the screenplay himself and you can watch the trailer here. The Swedish movie is titled Let The Right One In.

So then the Americans made another novel adaptation which is the movie I am talking about now titled Let Me In. There were similarity between the American and Swedish version, but the American one is more violent while the Swedish one seems a calmer and less violent. The relationship between the swedish protagonists was more sweet and innocent. In the American movie the bullies look older than Owen, even though they are supposed to be in the same class while in the Swedish one they all look the same age.

I should read the novel to see whether the American movie copies from the Swedish movie or that both adapted closely to the novel which results into similar looking scenes. The novel is a best seller in Sweeden and has an english translation which I will buy when I finish reading Harry Potter 7.


Au and Target said...

Sounds a bit slow... I only watch U rated films in the cinema here as the rest are too cut up by censors to bother with. Hate censorship.