Kyoot Khamis : Sesuatu yang aku buat zaman dahulu kala

A KLCC drawstring bag, teddybear and furry heart.

I made these for my then boyfriend now husband Pyan. These were during the no-wages-hence-no-budget-for-presents era. They are maybe 7-8 years old. Wow, that makes me around 22/23 years old then.

Of the handmade item above, I made all of them except the furry blue and white heart on the upper left hand side. My sister has these set of needles which you use to punch in yarn into cotton fabric multiple times and end up with a piece of carpet like texture. Then you use a brush with metal bristles and comb the yarn so they'll come apart and resemble a cat's fur. Then to neat it up, you come it to one side.

The drawstring bag has KLCC motif because we declared at KLCC. That sounded corny kan. Anyway we have been sweethearts for 9 years now and 2 of that as husband and wife.

The bear on the right hand side is filled with scrap fabric. The design looks kind of like bearbrick kan, without the hands. My mom has a lot of scraps as she is a tailor, but not a full time one. She sews when raya comes and when she is free. I have several fabric mum hasn't sewn yet, :(.

Seeing these items made me feel like going on a sewing frenzy. Since my baby has grown older, I have been planning to set up a hand sewn collection but it's all in the head for now. Hey, even when I was in confinement with Mikael, I sew all the flower parts on these bags. My mum sew all the bags together, i don't know how to use a sewing machine :P

Psst. Wanna buy one? It's RM8 each not including postage.


Sidratul Muntaha said...

lawo deh
klu kami keras tangan..

mizzyN said...

terima kasih.