Welcome to my blog

I have 5 minutes to blab here before I go fetch my baby.

I am only human like you. I wallow in self pity that I can't even be thankful for the finer things in life. I am sometimes very proud of my work that I sound like someone so important in my organization (to my not so close friends) - when I am just a humble civil servant who work 8 hours - morning till evening to earn a monthly paycheck. I am someone who pins a lot on pinterest, daydreaming about the juicy crafts I wanted to do and envisioning a decent shop or cart shop selling my handcraft products. 

My Chinese New Year Holiday project, in between cooking,
doing laundry and semi-playing with a 18 month old.

I am a blogger who types a lot of things of which ends up in the drafts. When I look at this blog and noticed that the only thing that makes this blog updated are my Kyoot Khamis entries which are scheduled posts. I feel a mix of emotion, part wanting to stop writing since I can't even keep this blog updated regularly, part wanting to just sleep and let this blog rot, part wanting to stay forever in front of the pc in the wee morning and churn all my past experiences.

Well, my five minutes is up. I think the best that I could do is just go with the flow. I should just do  things that rock my world. Just doing little little things, creating things each day, even if I will take a week to do it when others will only take a day - is better than letting nothing happen and let myself wallow in self pity. At least I can look back at my days doing things "sikit-sikit, lama jadi bukit" rather than regretting in the future and letting the self wallowing happen again and again and againn...............argggggggggggh.


Sherry said...

Is good doing things u love