As a wannabe crafter

I really really want to be a crafter. With marriage and having a child, my creative side suddenly sprang forth. I have accumulated a stash of pins, zips, fabrics, felt, beads and crafting tools to prepare for my journey. Buying them one at a time greatly reduces the feeling of "costliness", I put the overall cost in between rm345 - rm400.

I have been experimenting here and there with hand sewing a variety of things. Some looked okay to me but most looked not ok. Yes, I think some are ugly. But then when I put them aside where I can't see them and look at them back after a week, they seem to look ok.

Yesterday I tried handsewing a wallet. But I looked weird and as I tried to finish it at 2 am, I decided that I better sleep than doing something which begins to feel like a failure. Maybe tomorow I'll look at it again. Meanwhile I need to reorganize my craft supplies. They are all over the place arghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I have shared with you that I am crafty once in awhile. While I was hand sewing last night I remembered my single years spent doing nothing. I rarely crafted those days and people don't even know that I can actually draw things. Now where is my pen and paper.


DrSam said...

There is always some hidden talent that needed to be discovered and worth pursuing deep inside us. Keep up the spirit and sharpen the skill. Perhaps your craft talent can bloom into something big in the future. Insyaallah.