Just a little bit of this

Oh yeah. I just had to insert a little bit of this, about the dissolvement of parliament and the upcoming 13th General Election or GE13 / PRU13. The most awaited moment has arrived yesterday around 11.30 am and this changed a lot of things in Malaysia.

Watch Dato Sri Najib here.

Anyway. the Election is a much awaited affair because people are aware that GE12/PRU12 was on 8th March 2008. So as 8th March 2013 was supposed to be the 5th year, people were talking about GE this and GE that. Gossips were rampant about when Dato' Seri Najib will announce the dissolvement of parliament. Mouths were busy saying that he will make the announcement since last year but he finally announced it after the Lahad Datu crisis cools down.

I am convincing myself that I am going home to JB to vote, since there hasn't been any orders from my boss to stay put here at the office on GE day. Hope the SPR or the Election Comission of Malaysia will announce GE day as soon as possible. I want to move on with more issues that matters.

Ok that's all. Just a little ok. Bye.