The mom who didn't love.

I read the above link and found myself doing a comparison between me and the mum. I always thought I am a bad mum in some aspects because I wasn't able to be with baby the whole time. Everyday for 10 hours at least, baby will be with his nanny while I am at work. Then, there is the fact that I gave up pumping milk gradually because I found out that I can't keep up with his demands. Nowadays he only drink mama's milk when he is with me and I only pump when I am away from him more than 12 hours to keep the supply there. 3 months to go and I daydream of the days when I pump at least 2 times at the office.

But after reading the above aticle I realize that being a mother is really subjective. Ok, we all know that love comes in all forms but we don't think like that all the time. It's article like this that makes us think back on the fact that 'love is subjective'. Like how newspapers like to report on accidents to remind people to be careful on the streets and abide the traffic law.

Ok back to the love is subjective topic. Like one case I saw on tv a few years ago. There was a single mum who left her children in the orphanage and never came to claim the children back after she is married to a new husband. The mom thought that the children are better off with the orphanage as they will receive education and have a proper place to sleep and live, as opposed to living with a stepfather who may not be able to provide for the step children (he may only have enough for the mum, aka his wife and his own children). Although the children may think that they would rather be with the mother and live in poverty, but the mother knows best. That is love. It is cruel but at least the children's future are assured in certain aspects.

I count myself as a loving mother. Even on those days when he wakes me up many times a night and leaving me sleepy with a backache the morning after. Love is a subjective thing. A mother can love her child so many ways that you can't say that love is like this or that.

The article is about a mum who has children and takes care of them but she claimed that she doesn't love them. She may not be the typical loving mom but she does indeed love them. This is far better than woman who leave their babies on the street or kill them. The mum in the article in conscious of her self and she knows what she must do. She has children and decided to take care of them no matter what her ideology are.

Deep in her heart she is still holding on to the idea that having a life without children is the perfect life. She looks happy being with her children in the picture even celebrating their birthdays. I hope her children will take good care of her when she can't take care of herself in the future.