Kyoot Khamis : Ideas for earring holder

If you have lots of earrings, you can't be putting them back onto the little plastic thingy they came with. For easy access you should have a little storage thing1 to put all your earrings. Especially the earrings that you wear all the time.

Here's a few diy ideas.

Using felt.

I don't have the source of this but you can easily wrangle one using hot glue and a little sewing.

Using a frame and chicken wire. 
One similar tutorial.

 Or you could just use wires instead of chicken wire fence.

 Using a food schredder. This is sold at places where they sell knives and cookwares.
I bought a similar one for RM12.90 last time.

I just found this. So creative. Just use an existing wire tray instead of frame and wires.
Add on a stand.