Please let me whine for a bit here

A lot of things happened recently, some which are not storyable - but made me cost money which can be used to pay my car road tax... sob sob. Mourning over money is useless as it can be gained back by working hard or smart. Free things like love are free :D

My Nikon flash is busted, sighhhh. When will I fix it, I don't know. There are a few things which  needed 'money attention' for now. Road tax, baby' birthday in July and a sewing machine maybe. I think a rm700 sewing maching is more beneficial at this moment.All things cost money. Enough sighing.

I have my trusty Nissin flash by the way which I use with my Canon. The Nikon flash is used with my camera's office only. So it can rest for awhile. Oh the warranty has passed so it'll definitely cost money to repair. The last time I sent it for repair was when it was a few months old. I attached it to a Canon camera body and used it, and the light went blob. Now I definitely know what will happen when you attach a Nikon flash to a Canon body. Now it's almost 3 years old.

I still am not that good at taking care of my baby. He is one moody baby when he is not sleeping well, and he kept throwing my Samsung Note on the ground during his moody modes. This made me angry. I am sorry little son for being angry with you. You are an innocent soul.

My English is bad. I know. I will have to do a lot of writing exercises later.

Its 7 pm. I will stop whining and fetch my umbrella diamond.