What should I do for NANOWRIMO which kickstarts tomorrow? I have plenty of ideas but did nothing with them yet. I knew know that to be succesful one needs to plan, even if the plan is a skirmish of ideas jotted on a piece of word or scrawled on a tab's document.

Tonight I will have to get my ideas in order. Some ideas which have emerged are:

1. The story of the fathers of Snow White, Cinderella and Bawang Putih and Bawang Merah. The father is often absent or only play a minor role, so I will give them a chance to bring their voice to the forefront. I am deeply inspired by the drama series Once Upon A Time.

2. About being a student in the mass comm world. There's a few stories to tell here. I still remember the day my fellow classmate who also interned at me at a radio station, who almost kid by an older producer. I should dig further into my memories for crunchy subplots like that. Obviously from my own experience and of my mass comm mates.

3. About being a father who grew out to be bitter, estranged from his son before he had a chance to tell the son he loves him. The son came home to recuperate from his hectic life and inherits his father's friends and get to know his father from a side he never seen before. This plot I can dig from my mum's life, except my mum is not grouchy, who inherited her parents-in-law's friends when we moved to the house my late grandparents lived in.

4. A man who climbs into a house and goes travelling through places, but in a distant galaxy with similar human beings but with different styles. This one is my favourite day dream plot. I was a child with little resources so day dream is my escapism, much how one would go watch a movie.

5. About three teenagers who are friends, became enemies, became friends again. Maybe divided because of competition, but united by their nature to do good. They also have girlfriends whom they get at the end. Yes this is typical teenage novel. My elder sister used to tell me and my younger sister a similar story when we were young, but I can't remember the actual story. What I remember were that the boys were cute like all protagonists are and they kneeled to their girlfriends at the end.

Yeah. See you all the same spot on Friday night for my first chapter of Nanowrimo.