10 weird / absurd elements I saw in local drama - No 1

Number 1

 A husband just got back from the house of his future besan (his daughter's future MIL) (I just found out that besan means kiss in Spanish) and got greeted by his wife.

WIFE: "Honey why didn't you wait for me before you meet with them?
HUSBAND : I went there to discuss about the important preparations for the wedding ceremony.
WIFE: I have somethings to discuss with Datin (the future besan) too like what food to prepare and such.
HUSBAND: Your discussions are not as important as what I am discussing with Dato', if you went along you will only burden us.

Geesh, if you only want to focus on the important stuff then don't waste time doing a wedding reception la pakcik. You only make your wife feel bad and unimportant when everyone has actually agreed on doing a reception aka kenduri. So when do your wife discuss those preparations then?

Wait for 9 to 7, coming up tomorrow. To be continued.


ez vina said...

har har har.. I liking this.. and ur 2nd one as well.