10 weird / absurd elements I saw in local drama - No 2

Number 2

A lady married her first love and then the first love died from sickness, she mourns his death and regularly visits his grave. Her brother in law wants to marry her after the brother's death because he was taken by her gracefulness. However she rejects him because she claims her love only existed for the late husband. She remains friends with the BIL.

She is also often approached and even got stalked by her former second husband until the BIL warns the ex husband. I think she married the second husband because she wanted to forget the late husband, but they weren't happy living together because the ex husband was a jelaous guy.

Then she got a chance to work together with a boutique owner who saw her potential as a businesswoman. Later when she had to meet the boutique owner's husband who came in place of his wife for a business trip, he turned out to be her ex boyfriend who dumped her long ago. He followed up their business meeting by coming to the boutique and declaring that he still has feelings for her. He wants to rekindle their love although he is married. He claims he is ready to leave his wife for her because their marriage (ex boyfriend and boutique owner) was an arranged marriage. so there was no spark.

This lady who is being chased by every guy in her life, wears baju kurung everywhere and is not flirty at all. I wonder why does she is being the object of affection by all these guys when she isn't exciting at all. Her character is not convincing at all.