When are you going to buy a house?

My mom in law and her siblings live on a piece of land which belonged to their late father. I heard that they have sold the land to a house developer, but nothing has been done so far like drilling or something. I estimate that the land will be developed in a year or two and by then my MIL will have to live somewhere else. She has the option of applying for a government quarters but she decided against it because at her age of nearing retirement, she has had enough of working on standby mode. Usually people who live in the quarters have to standby during emergency times.

So anyway they decided to buy a house instead of renting one, and so we went to see some potential houses around the Temerloh / Mentakab area. Most of the houses are one storey houses, with three bedrooms ranging from RM100,000 to RM130,000. MIL saw a few that she liked but haven't made a decision yet.

Anyway I heard that my husband's cousin is also planning to buy a house in Malacca. They lived in the house for about 3 years now and planned to buy the house they have been renting. Lucky for them.

I had a look at a few new properties and pre owned houses in and found a few I liked. There's a new one storey house in Klang for RM217,000, and there is also a few decades old property for RM125,000 in Shah Alam. The difference between the two property is that the one in Klang is 47 kilometres away and the one in Shah Alam is 22 km away only. The other factors that I have to consider is, one is a landed property and the other one is a fourth floor, walk up flat.

Based on the facts, I prefer the landed house because it is nicely priced at less than RM250k, and it is a landed property so I won't need to upgrade houses in the future. Meanwhile if I buy the flat, and I intend to move away from KL in the future, I can easily rent them to tenants and buy another house. So I will have two properties by then.

I am split between choices like these even if they are make believe ones because there are pro and cons to each. And add the fact that I don't have a driver's license yet, which means I am almost immobile... it seems like buying a house near my office is a better option.