My life so far

My name is Rara, Nadhrah. Yeah, that's my full name. Just one word, such a short name some people say. Some people call me Nadh while a handful of people calls me Rara, my close girlfriends from school calls me Gedh and some people gedikally call me Naddy.
Some people say I look harmless. I am like a toothless cat. I think I am fierce but my claws and teeth are blunt. Even my son is fiercer than me. 

I used to be soooo afraid of confronting people that even buying a cup of drink from the canteen is like a Fear Factor race. So I am grateful of my present self. I could be better but things are improving for me in the self confidence department.

Much has changed for me. I haven't grown wiser in the appearance department, still am not wearing make up most days or in pretty shoes every day. The fact that I walk to the baby sitter's house while carrying a 12 kg child everyday makes wearing high heels and sneakers unappealing. But I don't refrain from buying them every few months. A girl will always need more shoes in her life. 

I miss travelling. I can't wait for next year. I am going to bring my baby all over the world, wherever that may be reached by my budget of the time. 

This is from the time we went to Kelly's Castle a day after I finished work at Mydin Ipoh.
Hubs brought along my mom and bro in law.

This is from the early days of my baby. I didn't travel anywhere except to my mom's or MIL's house since I was 6 months pregnant and up to a year after baby was born. 

My husband went to a wedding with MIL, BIL and a grandaunt to Penang, and I stayed back in KL. Luckily I had wonderful friends who kept me company the day they went to Penang. Sitting and waiting is the norm during a wedding and my swollen feet and bored self couldn't comprehend them so I bailed out. Luckily hubs was understanding.

Son, sometime in his first year. This was taken using my lost Iphone. These days its all about the androids.

We went to Penang early last year. Husband never visited the island properly, and I just went there 2 months before for a course. The moment I saw the location on the offer letter "Penang" I quickly sent an application.

Now where should I fantasize about visiting? Some place kids and adults friendly.





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