10 things I realized after i had two kids

1. Children need cupboards, no more baskets or wooden shelves.

I never actually thought to buy a cupboard for my sons. When they were babies their clothes were placed in a basket. For my first son, when he was a toddler his clothes lay in a 3 tier wooden shelf. Now I have 2 of those, one with doors and the other no doors. Easier for me as a FTWM to reach for their clothes when they need a change.  

2. Second baby means hand me down clothes

This is a no brainer. However I should have gone through my eldest son's baby clothes thoroughly. My sons quickly overgrew their newborn clothes within 44 days (Malays confinement period). So I was a bit disappointed that my second son didn't manage to wear 2-3 of his elder brother's clothes. So it continues to collect years in the storage because of my oversight. For the second son, I bought about 4 sets of newborn clothes for the baby, while the rest were gifted or hand me downs from his elder brother.

3. 30 percent increase in laundry volume

I have a sudden 30 percent increase in laundry volume. Since I don't have a dryer, I seem to be washing clothes every other day compared to twice a week.

4. Double beds?

Since I have a pair of boys I think I might get a double bed for them. Me and my siblings sleep in a double bed with a bed on wheels attached.

5. No More Impromptu Excursions

My excursions are limited to lunch hours only. No more impropmtu excursions since two young boys makes going out single handedly means bringing a lot of things along. 

6. Babywearing again

I move around with two soft structured carriers and sometimes a wrap on loan.

7. Me, spreading advice like an aunty

Since I have been there and done that, I sometimes found myself giving free advice to my same aged friend whenever the chance arrives.

8. It seems easier now

Although technically I have a lot more going on but I feel more relaxed and composed. I am still the worst at planning and organizing and my crafts are only happening once a month, and mostly done in a jiffy but I think I got it going for me. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Maybe the experience which made me groan long time ago makes me somehow prepared.

9. I learned to love a whole lot more

Two child does not mean a divided love. I just feel that I am being loved more now. It is a nice and very heart warming feeling.

10. I cried more

My husband said I am still an ice queen at heart though