First time beli baju bundle

I just bought my first clothing item from a bundle shop. It was a sleeveless knee length floral cotton top. Actually, I accidentally got there when I tagged along my office mate when they said that they were heading to a nearby supermarket. One was scouting for refrigerator and then said she wanted to have a look outside. And just next to the electronic item shop was a bundle shop. They sell vintage items for RM10 a piece, and lots of jeans RM10, and jacket jeans for RM5. I was ecstatic although I only brought money enough for food and taxi back home. Buying preloved item from a shop is an adventure in itself. By 

Here is the top. I adore the design on the top actually.
After taking a second look, maybe I will turn it into home wear instead.

Anyway sempena cerita pasal baju second ni, member aku Faryn of Dokter Faryn blog sibuk menjual pakaian preloved dia di sini. Kalau beli dua maka dia akan belanja pos. Aku ada cekau 2 helai juga, dalam banyak baju duk tergantung dalam almari. Mungkin aku pula yang patut jual baju secara online. Ada beberapa yang masih tak pakai walaupun tagnye ke mana entah. Wohohohohoho.