Happy 7th year of blogging to me!

I have been a blogger for exacly 7 years and though I haven't been winning an award or raised some money through it. I am deeply satisfied with my blogging journey. In the middle of blogging throught these 7 years there are moments where I am almost giving up, like "gapo lagi nak cerita kat mung ni?". I also tried very hard to not blog about personal life which can be vicious to my loved ones, or my sometimes hate and sometimes loved ones.

In reality I never reread all my entries as I know them all by heart. Eceh. Once a month or more like once a fortnight I google myself, or my blog persona lah, and I have found a few surprising places where my blog have been quoted.

Oh well, it's time to go home. I love my desk job especially when I can do some artsy fartsy stuff. Like maybe 5 percent only, but someone's got to do these things and I think it's better me :D. But I don't plan to do this forever :P


Anonymous said...

Congratulations sister as you start seven years
I begin my first week please look at my blog and comment maybe to give me some feedback