#KomikKon Diary - Brianstorming for my steampunk cosplay : planning in my head

At this stage, I haven't received any confirmation email from Komik Kon regarding my payment for the booth. I think there may be like a hundred booths so they must be busy, what with the upcoming holiday anyway. So I will totally go worried next Monday before I email them later.

Anyway I have been planning to do some lightweight cosplay at Komik Kon, maybe on day two and three only because I think I can't be wearing the same clothes for three days straight even in an air conditioned room (which will get warmer as more people enters). I am also not planning to spend much on cosplay when I need to cover the costs for merchandise (i haven't started on anyhting yet, Ya Allah I am such a poor planner and business woman :()

Anyway, I want to talk about my cosplay plans. I plan to use existing clothes and just alter them to steampunk fashion or add some things here and there.

My first plan is to find my long lost bolero.
It's black in colour and I think about adding some trimmings like this olive bolero.

Olive bolero with trimmings.

Then I can add on some armyish details like the thing they put on top of the shoulder.
I also have lots of chains and charms and can do like this.

This bolero can be worn when I walk around the event hall,
so maybe I can wear it throughout the 3 days there.

I have also thought about searching for a hooded shirt and converting it into something like this with lace applique or something.
Hodded sleeveless bolero.

At this point I want to buy a pair of boots, but a pair costs like RM60 and I need about RM400 to prepare for the merchandises. Hmmm...

Anyway about the rest of the costume. There are a few props that one can complement on the whole steampunk cosplay look. But as too much accessories can make you look messy, I'll just pick two maybe. Some of the props are.



Utility belt

Gun tutorial here

Bracelets / Wrist Cuffs

Top hat. Tutorial here.

Ok that's all.