Talking to the MIL- using the 5 Wives and a husband

As a media practitioner I am obliged to write any text, copy, article, caption, note using the 5 wives and one husband method, which is actually the who, what, where, when, why and 'how'. After 15 years of learning about it, it has practically been ingrained in me. Sometimes even when I am chatting, I collect info like a police investigating a case. I just can't process certain information without knowing the details. In fact I have decided to tell people things in that very 5 questions arrangement.

Let's say I was informed by my boss that I have to work for four days in Kedah, so i will ask my MIL to take care of my babies like this "Mom, I have to work from Sunday to Wednesday next week. So can you take care of the babies, for five days, because i also counted the day after I arrived back here. Please take care of them at your house, we will send them the day before. 

Yeah, like a long list of what to do should you be able to help us. Lol.