#KomikKon Diary - Doujin! Bucket list no 12

What is doujin? Click here please for the definition. A lot of doujin centers on fanart but I am attempting to do a one man original doujin. I haven't started anything yet, just a mishmash of ideas floating around. I am also torn between doing a single story comic or 3 short stories in a single comic. Then there's the online publishing and there are also printing. Everything either takes up cost or time. I hope to accomplish something in this two months.

Ok before I ramble on I must tell you that I have a lot of ambitions growing up. So in my head it's more like trying to cross off an item off my bucket list instead of trying to attempt something life changing or do a career crossover.

I want to try my hands at comic drawing at least once. If it turns ok then I can do more, but if isn't that ok, then I can go on and do some other bucket list item. And then a few weeks ago I came across doujin. At AniManGaki and Visual Arts Expo, I saw a few doujin tables but didn't know what they were there for. At the Visual Arts Expo I walked past a few seminar room and saw a 'How I became a cartoonist' topic and decided to join in. The lady who gave the talk said she had only started her comic at age 35. The only thing stopping anyone from pursuing their dream is self doubt and fear, so I should cast them aside and just plan and draw. If I start now, and try and try, things will happen eventually.

Anyway, I have been thinking for a few years now about doing some comic thing. I did a one page comic when I was in secondary school, I think I was in form two then. But it never went to print, even in the school magazine. So now is my time, although 20 years too late maybe. I want to challenge myself by participating in my first ever Doujin event at Komik Kon. I have send in my application and paid the fee although I haven't heard from them yet about table confirmation or anything.

So ou of sheer wannabeism, I bought this book at Kinokuniya. My officemate had some work over at KLCC so I went there to visit. On my way back i thought to browse books, because Kinokuniya has some really rare books like this. So for a book nearing RM80 I hope this will be my answer to being a comic artist. Well, i hope to document my journey here.