Books bought at a sale that I haven't managed to read yet

Me and outtamymind managed to swing by the bigbadwolf sale at Amcorp Mall on its last day. Outtamymind can't live without reading a book every day while I love to collect books. Seriously until now my book collection is ballooning without any sign of stopping while my reading eagerness is usually hampered by me being a sleepyhead (alasan kata oomm).

Since it was the last day books were sold at a low RM5 while magazines were priced at RM3 (buy 5 and get 1 for free). Luckily the books titles offered on the last day were still okay and looking at the price meant that grabbing 10 books wouldn't burn a huge hole in my pocket.

I bought these books mainly because they are cheap and also because _______

I like to read biographies

at first I took and put it back, but then my friend gave it to me and
I took it as a sign to buy it although I don't know how to knit.

Because the title is Tom Jones.

it has soothing tales for the female mind

same reason for this book too.
But the book's back cover was a bit torn.

I think it is about projects that looks good on paper but
is hard to materialize or bila dah buat jadi macam jauh panggang
daripada api.

for the sake of my clueless journalistic need konon.
Or maybe as a prop by giving it rabbit ears so people will think that
I am a well read and serious journalist. Hohohoho

So far I loved reading books with a touch of Indian culture in it.
All the bindis, spices and fish out of water tales entertains me.

I have always craved to know
what's all the reference towards Moby Dick is all about.

Because I love television.

Motivational book for leisure reading.

My buy buy

Ok that's all for today folks.
The End


katztales said...

I missed the book sale but caught another one and have a pile of reading too. I'm reading romance at the moment; and big of history.

DrSam said...

That Napoleon Hill's is a good one. I enjoyed reading it, I hope you will too.

JohnJenin said...

wah..banyaknya buku. good investment. im pretty sure the content and knowledge in those book worth more than RM5 ;)

mizzyN said...

romance... awwww.

dr sam,
tq for the feedback. i'll read it soon (hehehe, i'm a late reader)

pakcik john,
they are priceless indeed.