On the 5th of Dec me and a few dozens xmozac had our reunion at the school.
It was awesome because we were all ten years older
and some did not even recognize the others.


Here's a collection of random uploaded photo.
I can't arrange it in order due to time constraint.

I was actually busy adjusting my new tripod when someone candid cameraed me.

I can't remember what we were doing here, I guess we were supposed to sing the school song.
I was in charge of photographing the babies for a cute baby contest they held that night.

The next morning the boys made up our long abandoned batch contribution.
It was like a menara or something. They repainted it to make it look new again.
Mozac is my school's nickname.
At the hotel where we stayed the night.
Some of our schoolmates stayed at the school but we decided to sleep out.

During our time they were still swings but now they act as garden chair roofs.

Former teens who are now aunties walking down memory lane.
I don wannabe a makcik yet! no daughter no calling me mak ok.

The prefects used to stand at the top stairs and announced
lights off to everybody each night.
10.30 pm sharp.

Old habits die hard.
It was easier to dry clothes outside the dorm rather than at the ampaian baju.

This plaque was on the 'menara' thing which the boys retouched.
I wonder what the latter students who saw this thought of us.
Old people? Relics?

Watching old photos of ourselves and LOLled.

Me, trying my best to look like a pro.

Our cake.
I did not have my cake and eat it that night.
Sob sob.

Me and the batch's 'menara' to the school.

Children of Xmozac's.
All under 2 years old.
I feel old already seeing all the mini mes.

Registering for reunion.

To be continued...


school of thoughts said...

seronokla.... korang sangat hebat.... jeles tgk org buat reunion kat asrama sendiri....

ninieZUERYANNIE said...

ohhh mengimbau kembali reunion.. aku x update2 pon psl reunion..

ezzati said...

syoknyeee..hehe..masing2 bwk anak ehh..hee

mizzyN said...

school of thought, ko suruh je budak2 glam mrsm ko buat haha.

ninie, ko simpan dulu buat stok.

zati, mestila kang nanti nangis anaknya.

DrSam said...

A great reunion to wrap up the year. Happy New Year to you mizzyN!