Llittle critters

How many hamsters are at my parents' home right now?


Can you count them all?

Initially there were three hamsters, two females and one male.
The male ran away and one female gave birth.
Then a few weeks later the other female also gave birth and then ran away.
She left 5 new born pups behind.
So, what to do?
My mum put the abandoned pups with the remaining mother
and surprisingly she took care of them.
All of them are still breastfeeding but have already opened their eyes
and are munching on nuts and corns

Two of the abandoned pups are eating in the food dish.
So cute.

Technically they are siblings as they came from the same father
but different mothers.

Notice the difference in size?
The left & smaller one is the abandoned pup and
the right & larger one is the mum's original offspring.

I wanted to take their close up photos but they don't like to be handled.

This one twitches like crazy to escape.

He looked like he was swimming in the air.

Try as it might to escape my fingers and so at last I put it down.

The babies looked like mice since they have less fur
and so less fluffy like the adults. But since they are hamsters
I deem them less icky than mice.

This ones looked blur when I put it in an unfamiliar place.

Smelling the surroundings.

It does not scurry away and instead sat there for about a minute.

So I put it back inside the nest and it resumed its
hamsterish activity once safely there.

Hamsters are deym cute.

They like to feed with eyes closed.

And run on the wheel like crazy and so my dad installed another wheel.

This one is sneaking behind the wheel. It has red eyes like its mum.

I'm going home again next week and can't wait to see their developments.
See you then.


katztales said...

Oh boy that's a population explosion! Don't tell Au, he'd be round to visit like a shot :-P

Wishing you a Merry Christmas holiday!

mizzyN said...

hahhaa, merry xmas