My current favourite - 50mm lens.

I am so in love with my 50 mm lens. This is because my external flash is unsatisfactory (I got the flash along with my scond hand camera so it's cikai) and the 50mm lens can go as far as aperture 1.8. The smaller the number the teranger (brighter) the pic.

Right now I only use the auto focus thingy on it and had not experimented with the manual focus ring so sometimes the autofocus gives some weird dreamy results. Here are some of it.

Chicken Rice

Roses are white

Kill the bad guys

A fighter jet

Using a 50mm requires a lot of walking to capture different image sizes. One photographer calls it 'Zoom kaki' or Walking Zoom.


DrSam said...

nice experimental photoshots. 50mm is a classic fix-focal lense. I like to take this lens whenever I travel. So compact but yet very versatile.

azyze said...

aku guna D60 kan, so takdak function auto focus. tetaplah nak kena manual focus dan setelah try a few times, aku naik tension bila gambaq tak memuaskan hati. the woes of orang berkaca mata.

mizzyN said...

beb, aku guna d40 aritu pun takde autofocus bila guna 70-200. jadi aku zoom pada spot yang aku nak focus dan focus kan. Pas tu zoom out dan compose shot. A1a1 shoot guna video cam.