Transitions are an eventful and dramatic situation in life. I am not sure whether the situation actually emits drama or that my drama queen side have surfaced. But it is a transitional time for me right now. Transitions, some are like editing effects - cut, dissolve and fade under. However I hope I won't fade to black in the process. I love myself. I heard somewhere that a women loves others too much but are hard to love themselves, or maybe she just didn't spend as much time caring for her own self both mind and body. It's time I started taking extra care of myself I think. Learn to let go of others. Let's emancipate ourselves from mental slavery :) hehe that's a saying on a tee-shirt my elder sister had once upon a time and it stayed inside my mind eversince.


azyze said...

transitions dalam hidup aku selalunya berlaku in a rush sebab aku jenis blasah je. unless it's a major/life changing transition, selalunya aku bebas drama.

operation aritu pun aku in a daze n kelam kabut, I didn't really had time to sit and let it sink.

but u a drama queen? hmm mcm pelik je. ke aku dah lama tak sebumbung dengan ko?

Au and Target said...

The first year of marriage is always hard. I found taking a day away by myself worked well.

mizzyN said...

azyze, i am a drama in my own woman made island hahhaha.

katztales, marriage causes transitions but other things also change along with that transitions.