Avon! pertandingan make over antara dealer seMalaya

Saturday lepas my friend invited me to Avon's Make Up Competition. She had invited me to an Avon event before but I couldn't make it. So I made sure I will be there this time.


Mizzy N wuzz here

It was the Final round of a make up competition open to Avon dealers all over Malaysia. There were like 70 finalists there.

The MCs of the day, both are Avon employees.

The participants were given 30-40 minutes to make their faces using Avon products right there. The make up theme was GLAMOUR and they dressed in their fancy costumes. So, get set go!

The media table was full of make ups to sample too albeit on our own leisure time. But I only tried one blusher which was great but had not thought of jotting down the item code to KIV. Then I crimped my eye lashes which was readily mascaraed from home. And voila I was done. Actually I was too lazy to try the make ups. Strange even for me who rarely wear make up. Is my baby a boy????

Malays believed for fun that if the pregnant mother likes to wear make up or wear pretty things the baby is a girl. And for me which is almost the other way around the baby might be a boy. I rarely wear make up but I like to dress up sometimes.

BTW I was invited as a blogger although I worked for the media. A blogger yeay!!!

The brush set was a heaven sent, however these are on loans for that day only.
Next time maybe Avon can give them as door gifts, hint hint :D

Some of the participants who have finished make upping and moving onto glamorizing their headgears.

One finalist had face paint in flowery designs.

The customary flow of make up is applying the make up base/foundation all over the face, painting the eyes, the cheeks and finally the lips.

As the theme was glamour most of the contestants made up their eyes heavily. The very popular smokey eyes look was very in that day.

Most looks these day are enhanced with the wearing of coloured contact lenses. The last time I wore them was on my wedding day. I prefer spectacles to contact lenses for now.

All make up, head band, towel, brushes, cotton buds, wet wipes and facial cotton are provided by Avon. After make up all the contestants are required to cat walk on the stage.

Cat walking
Is that the mother of Genie?

Some of the contestants walked hurriedly as if not wanting people to take picture of them. However most are good as they pose for different angle when they paused at the end of the runway.

There's plenty of belly dancer and Indian costumes but none wore cheongsam. Next time some one should wear one as it is one of our national heritage.

Finally the judges chose 11 finalists out of about 70 participants. The juries are Nurul Syuhada a tv host, Dynaz an actress and Zul Fazli the make up artist.

And the final 3.

The third place winner.

The second place winner.


She greeted everyone with this Arabic style from the stage.

The winner.

She brought home a huge hamper, RM3000 and other gifts along with happiness and pictures for memories.

The winners and judges posing. Nurul Syuhada and Dynaz are the new spokesperson for Avon.

Outside the hall near the buffet tables which has a very sumptuous spread were the newly launched jewellery. They can be bought from your nearest Avon store by now.

There are watches, earrings, brooches, necklaces and rings.

I love these red jewellery.

Especially the bracelet. Red Yummy.



Golden themed.


And guests received these blue costume jewellery as door gifts.

There's a necklace, earrings and adjustable ring.
Do you want them in an exchange of something?
Email me for the barter trade.

Yeah there's also the customary posing with celeb moment. Dynaz was gone by the time the event ended and Syuhada happened to sit a mere metre away from the stage. So there I was.



Sherry said...

I have makeup but I barely use them, my man dont like me makeup I know he think I am not good with them.