Stupid irritating biatch

As a friend I could only rage like fire, and at water's touch disappear at sight. A few days ago on a photography job with bff (best friend forever) she told me about her situation. Someone in her office said she was spreading gossips around. And that person said she ain't saying who the reporter is. Yeah life's like that. We can say that we live in our own little bubble at the office and suddenly out of nowhere someone would say that we are bad mouthing people. In a perfect world, especially in an organization full of media people supposedly practicing two way communication - the victim and the accuser should be given a chance to defend each other in a face to face meeting.

I wonder why the accuser did not just approach my bff and tell her that it's wrong to badmouth a person. If my bff is really selling the person's story around why don't it be halted at the moment if it really did occur. Why wait and then tell the bigger boss about my bff bad mouthing? Such cheap tactics to portray oneself as a righteous person but at the same time you are one heinous bitch.

Soldier on my friend. They don't earn a cent and you don't lose a ringgit over this.


azieazah said...

Orang kata tikam belakang? Ambil kesempatan?

Au and Target said...

That is so typical here. I don't listen to nasty tittle-tattlers, and I never trust anyone who does so.