My baby is 7.5 months today.

Here's a from birth to 7 and a half months Mikael updates for you.


Mikael was born on the 18th of July 2011. He weighed 3.51 kilograms and was 54 cms long. They don't call 54 cms tall eh. He had his first BCG jab at 1-2 days old in the maternity ward. I had my caesarian at 7.51pm and an hour after that wheeled into the maternity ward. That night at 10.00 pm baby Mikael was handed to me for his first taste of mommy's milk. As he was one big baby, I scooped him from the bassinet onto my lap with only one hand. During my first few days with him the only thing I was natural at was breastfeeding. In other parts I was one noob mom huhuuu.

When he was 2 days old Mikael pooped this pile of black poop called meconium containing food he digested while still in the womb. It was midnight and he was crying hysterically. This was my first baby and that was my first time changing nappy BUT I didn't change his nappy that night, the other mother in the ward did... her baby was in the NICU because of some after birth complications so she gladly helped me. That was after the nurse told me to do it myself.

She shouldn't treat me like that, she should have guided me instead of deserting me like that HOH. The least she got is a good reputation from a customer, I was not just a patient or a noob mother who did not know how to change a nappy. She had a good chance of building a good reputation there but she didn't grab her chance. LOL. That's me typing out my vengeance.


 Mikael weighed 4.7 kilos and 57cms in length during his one month check up. He had his vaccinations at the Larkin Polyclinic. He was still swaddled at bed time. His skills were crying and smiling. But he smiled on his own terms. He smiled at everything, smiled after having his milk and smiled at the windows during diaper change. But he rarely smiled back at me when I smiled at him.


He had his vaccine jab at a Government clinic in Temerloh because I went to Temerloh on the last day of confinement. The 44th day was also the second day of raya puasa. Temerloh is his grandparents hometown. At the check up he weighed 6.3 kilos, gained about 600 grams and was 60 cms long. The nurse at the clinic tested his vision by attracting him with a chunk of red knitting threads. He eyed and followed the thread bunch when the nurse moved it from right to left. At first he was confused when the nurse told him to follow the thread, he looked at the nurse and smiled. The voice came from the nurse's mouth so he looked at the nurse and smiled. The nurse laughed and jingled the thread ball and only then did he look at the ball. The nurse tested his grip and said clever boy. His paternal grandpa told me not to let Mikael wear his mittens anymore but he still wore his barut.


Got his jab again. He weighed at 6.8 kgs, half a kilo weight gain and started smiling back at me. I was elated because finally he responded to my smiles. I had also started work and left him at his nanny's house which is only 10 minutes car ride from my office.

At four months he no longer wears his berut. I rarely swaddle him at night time. He was also getting too big for his granny made swaddles so at the nanny's house he was swaddled with kain batik. At mommmies' forum in Faceb00k, some mommies posted about their babies not turning on their tummies at 3-4 months. Mikael didn't and I was worried but I asked my MIL who's a nurse and she said if baby didn't turn around on their tummies by 9 months only then do I need to worry so I let it be.


When he was five months he actually started rolling over and when he was 5.5 months he could roll on his stomach and roll back from his stomach to back. He was also jabbed twice a week before he turned 6 months. Right and left thighs being poked at, and my baby cried of course.


I started feeding him solid food a week after he turned 6 months. I joined this faceb00k group Solid Food For My Baby and some popular food to introduce baby are pear, apple, banana, pumpkin and porridge. I fed him porridge with yellow egg this one time and he had a very high fever the next day. My February calendar is full of emergency leave LOL. In a way on those days where his temperature rises to 38 degrees celsius and I stayed at home with him, he always gave me this many many surprises like new teeth. He also cut his first tooth at 6 months.

Frankly I don't know how to feed him his porridge. 70 percent of his porridge or mashed food ends up on his clothes rather than inside him. I don't know how to feed a baby, I only know how to breastfeed LOL. Online sources said that for a baby under a year old "food for fun until they're one" so most weekends I just fed him the things I eat and some mashed up fruits. I don't want him to be a fussy feeder so I made an effort to feed him solids at least once a day on my days with him. At the end of the day Rasulullah SAW was feed breast milk until he was two so I offer him a lot of milky time to make sure he gets his nutrients. he weighed 8 kilos now at a fever check up in PPUM.


Mikael can crawl now. Two weeks ago he cried when I left the hall for the kitchen. When I looked back in about 4 minutes he had crawled a good 2 metres towards me while crying. Since yesterday he started crawling to me and puts one hand on my lap and sits on his bended knees. Now I can officially start baby led weaning! no porridges and no mashing up food for him. His second teeth came out at 7 months too.


azieazah said...

Ohh sweet Mikael!

Alangkah best, setiap momen pembesaran dia ni, ada gambar yang dapat diselit di sini. Boleh dia tengok masa dia besar nanti. hehe

ninieZUERYANNIE said...

dah tumbuh gigi? Qairin belum lagi.. ;) tp xtahan gak bile gusi menggigit.. huu

Au and Target said...

I didn't realise babies crawled so soon. How awesome!




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