Do I really need this?

When one has money in the bank account and an iphone (applies to my case eh) at hand things are sure to be bought. Yesterday evening I bought a hand vacuum online on one of those group buying sites. According to the terms and conditions I will get the vacuum after the redemption period. So sometime in May je la all dust bunnies will be executed.

I thought about buying a vacuum for sometime now but one costs about rm200. A hand vacuum at cosway also costs around rm100 apiece so when i saw that deal and seeing that i still have some balance in the bank I bought it the second time I saw the deal.

Meanwhile I also saw this stylus pen fit for iphones only at rm17.90. After a few minutes of thinking I don't need it la. I no longer play Draw Something and am happy with my typing skill with my iphone so i'll just be wasting money buying it.

My colleagues who saw me typing one time on the phone says that I type fast. I answered practice makes ok. Not perfect because I produce lots of typos too. Just that I ignore them. For instance.

"i am still aaake even though i should ve asleep at 5.30 in the morning."

BTW I bought 3 storybook vouchers through those groupie shopping sites and they'll expire on august. Waaaaa i only have 4 months to assemble 120 pages worth of pics. So better sleep on it now LOL.


Au and Target said...

I'm so fed up buying online in Malaysia. Apple Malaysia can't get it together to do a normal online secure ordering system; they want a scan of a statement header sent to you from your bank. Like I can fake a credit card and NOT fake a letter head? And then I get 3 email messages telling me my iPad is arriving Friday, Monday or maybe sooner. Pfft. next time I'm sticking to a bricks and mortar shop.

Sherry said...

I will think twice and thrice if wan buy. Usually buy the makan coupon lol,,.