I have a bowling tournament today

A week ago I heard my officemate mention about a bowling tournament. I told her that I'd like to participate in it. But in the middle of things it got whisked away and resurfaced two days ago. So this afternoon I have to get my groove back in bowling. Likelah I got groove before this. I has no tere in play bowling. I tere in sleeping insufficient hours these days.

Anyway just ate jemput-jemput for breakfast 10 minutes ago and right now putting the baby down for morning nap. Baby sleeps about every 2 hours during the day now. He can sleep for longer these days instead of 15 minutes aje. Meanwhile trying to remember bowling grooves. How to bend knees and such. Don't want to be juara longkang aje. At least knock 3 pins at each round.

Wehhh I haven't touch any bowling balls since getting pregnant so that means i went bowless for almost two years now. Same with playing pool of the stick kind. I has no long play arrr.

Wish me luck iye. Xie xie ni.


Au and Target said...

Hehe, you'll have arm longer than the other!