Should I stop pumping or not?

It's been a crisis for me about this breastfeeding thing. My baby needs 16 oz of milk a day and truth is I couldn't find the time to pump a day's supply of milk at the office. When I am a busy bee, I could only pump a session which on average produces 8 oz and still I am short of another 8 oz. Some days I could only offer him 8 oz and had to send another 8 oz during lunch time. It's uneconomical because I travel by taxi.

In my heart I absolutely refuse to surrender and heed some suggestions handed over to me. My baby's nanny suggested that I only breastfeed him at home and supply him with formula milk during the day but I flatly refuse. Well, I usually meet him at 7 pm so he only breastfeeds at night, so if I don't pump at work it'll hurt my supply.

My baby isn't a formula milk virgin. Last Saturday I sent him along with his father and grandmother to Temerloh and I could only supply him with a day's worth of ebm (expressed breast milk). So he drank 2 bottles of formula milk on Sunday before he met me at 6pm that evening after I finished my work. BTW I bought him NAN Hypo Allergenic instead of the planned Susu Ilham. His daddy said he only woke up at 5am that morning and didn't ask for milk. When baby is with me he wakes up like every 1.5 hours to 2 hours and wants milk. Hmmmm he likes mommy's milk I see.

I sent him to his nearest grandies because my nanny wasn't available on Friday and I had to work from 9 am to 11 pm on Saturday and 9 am to 6 pm the next week. So his paternal granny had to come over and his father said "I feel guilty about sending mum home alone." My Mum In Law had an important wedding ceremony to attend to on Saturday. So I send them all away. But not without warning his father "Make sure you come back to KL before 6 pm ok.

Okay now my baby is 8.5 months old, he drinks about 16 oz of milk in 10 hours that I left him. I have a tin of NAN HA sitting on my kitchen shelf and I hope I only have to use it in emergency cases.

BTW I flatly refuse because I just bought a pump which costs me almost a kilo ringgit. But since I blasted one of its tubes it has now turned into a single pump. A single pump and a double pump has a huge production different between em. For now I pump right after I get home and right after I wake up. But sometimes I had to drop by his nanny's to deliver his milk.


Au and Target said...

I have been talking to some wonderful ladies at the gentle birth group at and they are very knowledgeable about this sort of thing. Why don't you talk to them?