Documentary Marathon.

It was Saturday, today... I spent the day waking up and eating instant noodles and sat in fornt of the tv, Then I gathered all my clothes of all kinds and parked again in front of the tv watching Clean House, My Cat From Hell, Dog Whisperer, Cajun Pawn Stars, The Pickers, Mrs Washington goes to Smith and a bit of Caught On Tape.

One thing I learned from Clean House was if your house looks like not a house, with things everywhere that means you have no inner peace. Then I learned from My Cat From Hell and Dog Whisperer that you can't treat your pets like humans if you want them to be disciplined.

About the Clean House, I'm glad I moved to a new home and got rid of many things. Some were repairable but I didn't have the time to think about them. So a lot of things went out the door and never got a chance to enter my new home. But I have begun to collect a lot of raw materials to start crafts projects. So I better start getting rid of clothes that I am not wearing anymore. Wowww that'll be a huge project. Will report on that later. Bye.