Kyoot Khamis : Famous icon statues

In 2010 I went to the Malaysia Art Expo. It was to be the first time and last time I went there. I had a close look at all sorts of arts from countries like Spain, Hungary, Germany, Ecuador, Indonesia, China, Singapore and of course from our homegrown artists. It was the awesomest experience of getting up close and having the opportunity to spend time appreciating art.  Here's the post.

This year I only managed to browse through the exhibition via the Facebook page of my friend Yoon See owner of blog Greener Pastures.

Two of the cute art I saw there were these two statues? Emmm I can't figure the actual name of this type of art, or is it sculpture? Anyway I don't know who made them, but they are cute. The 'statues' seem to be made from many parts of item. I thought they were made from trash but taking a look here I am not sure.

Wonder woman.

Michael Jackson

BTW, I still don't know what is Michael Jackson in the menus of Mamak Restaurants?
A black and white drink? Hmmm.



azyze said...

You got that right. Michael Jackson is soya cincau :P