10 weird / absurd elements I saw in local drama - No 3

Number 3

A pious virgin nurse comes to a wealthy family's home to work as the private nurse of the matriarch. She takes great care to cover her aurat, only showing her face and her hands to males of her employees family. So one day, the matriarch's playboy grandson comes home for a visit. He bursts into the bedroom where the matriarch and nurse were chatting, the nurse upon seeing the grandson quickly hides because her hair was uncovered. She did not expect the grandson to come home that day.

After two accidental encounters where the grandson saw the nurse's hair and shy demeanour, he was taken by her. So one day he came home drunk and went into her bed and raped her. She ran away immediately following the incident.

The grandson's father who was the matriarch's only son, asked his son to marry the nurse because he thought his son will change his playboy ways by marrying the gentle, pious nurse he just deflowered. What???

The father promised the son that if he marries the nurse and redeem his god forbidden act, he will transfer half of their company's share to his son. Whaaaat???

The father and his wife went to meet the nurse's parents to propose for the playboy grandson. He explains that the playboy grandson's mother has long died and he was so sad that he sent his son overseas for studies since the son was a teenager. He told the nurse's parent's that he gave his son all worldly things like education and luxuries but failed to teach him the religious and moral parts. So he failed as he father. But he hopes that the son will change by marrying such a good person as the nurse.

So, the rich parents basically ask the nurse, the victim to forgive the rapist and show him the path to righteousness while completely ignoring her trauma of being raped by a complete stranger. Surprisingly the pious nurses's parents approves of the rich people's plans while completely subjecting themselves to the rich people's games. Whatt?

The nurse should just throw the playboy grandson to jail and find someone else honourable enough to respect her as a person.