10 weird / absurd elements I saw in local drama - No 4 to 6

Number 4

Malay families are often depicted mingling while eating, whether it's breakfast, lunch, tea time or dinner. Of course we all Malaysians love makan luar, especially if it's under the skies on a clear day but... usually the scene during eating also involves discussion of important family events. I remember learning about basic eating ethics where we should only discuss really happy or tame subjects as to not disturb the eating atmosphere. But these people in drama they like to quarrel over food, so not good. Furthermore I think if one is to hold a grudge over someone, basically he who won't be eating at all with that hated face being i your face, right?

By the way I often found myself lazing around the TV when we are not doing anything mind boggling. Mothers would be lying on the floor with a huge pillow under her head. The  fathers would be sitting on his favourite chairs while the daughters or sons, would either be sitting entertaining the baby or lounging on the 3 seater sofa. Basically everyone is lying flat at day's end. I rarely see this normal event being depicted on TV. Maybe we all look a little lazy, but it sure feels good not having to fight the pull of gravity by lying on the floor completely flat.

What seems real in Malay drama are women going shopping while gossiping, yep I do that. Well, we are faraway from people we gossip about and we are doing things we love to death so it is very real.

Number 5

Students do basically everything except study. Students all over the drama world leads life like exams are non existent, and only their crushes and social life matters. 

Students who studied overseas have a bad grasp of English even after spending 4-7 years there. They don't need to have an accent but they should have a good command of that language.

Number 6

No one goes to the toilet. Except it it's a comedy or horror story. People often go to the toilet right after they got home, exiting a movie theater or at anytime. I guess characters in drama would just waste minutes of a storyline kot.

I think everybody knows people in the screen do not go to a toilet. In comedies, people go to the toilet because there's going to be toilet humour like the sound of farting like bombs following diarrhea or that after answering nature calls, you suddenly realize that there's mp water or toilet paper. While in horror movies, toilet is where you get killed, raped or assaulted.

I hope I can finish this by the next post.