Getting to know Japan through its fridge magnets

My husband went to Japan for a media trip recently. He bought a whole lotta fridge magnets costing between 100 and 350 yens (RM3.20 to RM11.20) for family and friends.

I kept this for myself. So cute.

Here's some of them.

 Here are a bunch of the same ones.

 It features a demure japanese woman in a kimono and traditional headdress.

A famous scene in Japan I reckon. 

I think that is Mount Fuji. 

A ninja on a shuriken.

Japanese kimono are beautiful but they say one costs a lot.
So a fridge magnet suffices as a souvenier I guess.

Japan fan. 

 Where are they heading to?

 This one is awesomeness. 



 A traditional building.

Is this mount Fuji?


My husband said he just grabbed and paid for the fridge magnets. I think he already gave them all to his friends while I took some as gifts to my close peeps. It's a nice thing to bu these fridge magnets I see. If the fridge magnets are adorned with local elements rather than just words or generic themes like fish or beaches, they are interesting. I keep all my fridge magnets on the fridge door of course. I learned a bit more about Japan through their fridge magnets. 

My son's favourite fridge magnet is one from London gifted by my boss. It has a double decker bus and also Big Ben the clock tower on it. He often asks us (in his own pelat way) to unstuck it and pass it to him. He will take it and sit down while admiring the details on it.